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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR TEAM - help write and send letters to our local press to express our outrage and our values.

STAFF INFORMATION TABLE - answer questions about voting, our values, our candidates.

HAND OUT BROCHURES AT BUS STOP - greet commuters and hand them brochures about our election.

PUT UP CAMPAIGN SIGNS - help put up signs to increase our candidates' visibility in Pike County.

PHONE BANK - call voters to remind them how important it is to vote this November.

SENIOR CARE REGISTRATION / VOTING - visit senior care centers in Pike County to help residents to vote.

GREET VOTERS AT POLLING STATIONS - remind voters they have choices and rights.

COMFORT VOLUNTEERS - bring food and beverages to hard-working volunteers.

STAFF CAMPAIGN HEADQUARTERS - be there to answer questions.

Please fill out the form below to volunteer and help make Pike County BLUE!

I will help with:

Thanks for volunteering to make Pike County BLUE!

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