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Always include your name, address, telephone number so they can verify you are a real person living in Pike County.  See tips below for more information.  Deadline is usually Sunday night.



News-Eagle:  Max 400 words.  Email to


Pike County Courier: Go to their website, fill in the form:


Pike County Dispatch: email to Chris Jones, editor:


Pocono Record–


River Reporter: Max 300 words.

Scranton Times:

Tri-State Lookout:

WRITING Letters To The Editor tips


People read LTE’s to find out:

  • How local people think or feel about an issue

  • How an issue affects their community


People do not read LTE’s for:

  • In-depth policy talk.  

  • National political debates.


Simple rules:

  • Keep it short – get to the point.

  • Tell your human story by describing how the issue affects you or someone you know.

  • Avoid a long string of dull facts.

  • Use powerful language that expresses your feelings, in short sentences of various lengths.

  • End your letter with a specific call to action to your local lawmakers or community members.  

  • Ask a friend to proof read for proper grammar and spelling.



Name of newspaper

Email Address of newspaper 


 Letter to the Editor,


…. Text of letter …


Name of person writing letter

Home Address of person writing letter

Telephone of person writing letter

Email of person writing letter

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