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What's the buzz? A DVA! Community Engagement Center?!

Exciting news!

A few weeks ago the DVA! Board announced a new initiative of creating a DVA! Community Engagement Center.

It would be used for our monthly Get-Togethers, but would also serve as a gathering site for other community groups and organizations needing activity space for planning, games, practice, etc. We envision having a free store and as a place to swap needed items. It would be staffed by volunteers for designated hours and events.

Currently there is no such space in Pike County.

Just imagine the new friends and volunteers we could attract and the networks we could strengthen if we had space for regular free or low-cost programming, services and activities to enable us to learn and share together. Some examples:

Issues: protecting the watershed and stopping the massive warehouse project, food insecurity and local food pantries, literacy and volunteerism at the Pike County prison, LGBTQ+ pride, indigenous rights and the Lenni Lenape, the possibilities are endless

Meetings: a meeting room available to community groups as well as for our own DVA and campaign work

Classes and Clubs: spaces for knitting/crochet circles, watercolor workshops, poetry readings, meetings and clubs, perhaps even providing storage space for supplies and equipment

Events: poetry and spoken word readings, children’s parties, films and other events

A Free Store: accepting good quality donated goods to make them available to anyone who can use them, without charge. Perhaps starting with just a few specific area of merchandise, like art supplies or books, jigsaw puzzle swaps, a yarn/fabric stash or a diaper/formula pantry and grow it over time.

With that, we need to get pledges for a total of at least $1,800/mo in regular monthly donations. As of today, we are already 36% toward our goal!!!!!

We are now working with ActBlue—so no more PayPal fees! To donate, Click on the Donate Button at: or use this link.

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