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Support our community

In this difficult time, we need to support our local businesses so that our community benefits.  Some restaurants and bars are closed, others are open on a take-out basis.  Some offer gift cards/certificates for sale for dining when this crisis is behind us.  We hope you will call and patronize those businesses that are open.  Of course, we may have overlooked some.  There may be other shops you like, so please call on them as well.

* Waterwheel Cafe 570-296-2383 * Frisky Goat  570-409-4848 * Holy Crepes.  570-409-6060 * Tequila Sunrise  570-409-6300

*403 Broad 570-409-1246

Apple Valley 570-296-6831 Village Diner 570-491-2819 John’s of Arthur Avenue 570-409-6996 Zhang Mao 570-296-8022 Balch’s Fish Fry 570-296-7911 Dimmick Inn  570-296-4021 Milford Diner  570-296-8611 Naked Bagel 570-409-400 Laurel Villa  570-296-9940 Spoonful Soups   570-409-4911 Log Tavern Brewery 201-874-4447. (Is take-out beer possible) Joey’s Pizza  570-296-2330

* Have collaborated with Delaware Valley Action! on earlier projects.


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