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School Board Meeting

Consider attending a local school board meeting.

Moms for Liberty and other alt-right extremists regularly show up and bombard the board with their viewpoints. We need to let the board members know that these extremists are the minority and that most parents agree with the points below. While speaking is always encouraged, just showing up and increasing our numbers is always a good thing.

Parents DON’T want partisan and extremist politics interfering in their kids’ curriculum. Most parents are happy with what their kids are learning and they know the culture wars, book bans, and censorship fights that are rampant right now are being driven by individuals and local politicians to push their own agendas.

Parents DO want their kids’ education to include working across differences, handling challenging topics, and asking hard questions. Some are advocating censoring kids’ curriculum to remove what they call “inherently divisive” topics like racism, honest history, and stories of diverse identities. But what our students need are critical thinking skills to adequately address these issues. We know that those skills are what actually prepare our kids to exist and succeed in the real world!

Politicians who want to ban books and ideas aren’t representing “parents’ rights” – no matter how much they say they are. They’re pushing extremist ideologies that take away our kids’ right to an honest education about ALL of our families.

We know that banning books and ideas is never the answer. It’s time to ditch the partisan talking points and refocus on what we know matters most to parents like us: Making sure our kids are safe and supported in school, and have the freedom to learn.


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