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November 6 Election is just around the corner - Postcards to Voters Event

What can you do to see the #BlueWave you've always wanted to see? What are you willing to do? What can you do?

The GOP thinks that the #BlueWave is ebbing. Let's prove them wrong!

Whether you're:

  • a healthcare voter;

  • a gunsense voter (don't we all want guns to be in good hands?);

  • an equal rights voter;

  • a school safety voter;

  • an environmental voter;

  • a pro-life or pro-choice voter (hey! we all want our kids who are born to be safe, don't we?);

  • an equal opportunity voter;

  • a fair wages voter;

  • an impeachment voter;

  • 1A, 2A ... 19A, 25A voter;

  • a non-discrimination voter;

  • a labor union voter...

There is only one way to go - Vote Democrats up and down the ballot! After all, democracy is on the ballot every single time.

We're hosting a Postcards to Voters event on June 13th, from 6pm to 8pm at The Patisserie, Milford.

Join us!

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