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Join us on Amplify

Join us on Amplify

We are excited to announce a new tool to increase our collective impact. You can now access our calls to action via Amplify, a free app created by Indivisible San Francisco.

Although making phone calls is an important part of the Indivisible Guide strategy, we know it can be hard. Emails and Facebook posts can get buried quickly. Plus, it’s hard to know how many members are calling, making it hard for us to really know our collective impact.

Amplify puts DVDC’s action items in a convenient place on your phone, ready for you to act whenever is convenient. Each action item includes the number to call, a short script, and the ability to call directly from the app - Every time you complete an action, you can share with the rest of our group and we can cheer each other on! By joining us on Amplify, we’ll also be able to send you notifications of urgent or high-priority action items.

Please follow the instructions below to join us on the app:

1. Use your phone to go to to download the app

2. Press 'Create New Account' to sign up, and enter an email address and password

3. Enter the 581-659-000 invite code

4. Take action and cheer others on

5. Tell your friends and family to join!

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