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The #GOP #TaxScam will make your life even harder

The GOP will raise taxes for the middle class because our state and local taxes will no longer be deductible, on top of which our middle class tax cuts will expire, while tax cuts for the rich and corporations are permanent. In addition, by repealing the healthcare mandate, our healthcare premiums will cost more. More money out of our middle class pockets. As to giving money to corporations to stir growth and create jobs - yes, corporations will have more money to open factories in China to create jobs in China. Who ever heard of corporations willingly give salary increases??? What a scam!

Register your opposition to the #GOP #TaxScam, call, email, or fax NOW!

Sen. Pat Toomey (R) Wilkes-Barre: Tel: 570-941-3540 Fax: 570-941-3544 Wash, DC: Phone: Tel: 202-224-4254 Fax: 202-228-0284 will send up to 5 free faxes daily.

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