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Let's get calling and turn Pike County BLUE!

We had a YUUUGELY successful envelope stuffing event at our October get-together sweetened with ice cream from Ed.

Now, after this successful event,there is more work to be done to turn Pike County Blue:

  1. Make phone calls on Monday Nov 6 to remind people to vote on Tues Nov 7. *

  2. Staff the polling places on election day Tues Nov 7 so people know how to navigate the ballot and elect the best persons for Pike County.

*Our super phone bank volunteer Debbie Schneider just called 254 Democrats in her Milford Township and received 100% positive feedback from the voters she called.

So, let's heat up those phone lines and win BIGLY! Come and Phone Bank with us on November 6 from 5 pm to 8pm at 200 E Harford St., Milford.

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