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Oppose PA House Bill HB 97 Charter School Reform Bill in the PA House and later if sent to the PA Se

It's been 20 years since the law that established charter schools in PA was enacted. Significant flaws in this charter school law have surfaced over the past two decades and legislators are now making what appears to be a serious effort to change the law.

We need lawmakers to get charter school reform right and HB 97 does not do this. HB 97 is scheduled to go to the floor of the Senate and then back to the House any day.

Tell your PA House representative to oppose HB 97.

Mike Peifer:

Hawley: Phone: (570) 226-5959 Fax: (570) 226-5955

Harrisburg: Phone (717) 783-2037 Fax (717) 782-2910

Rosemary Brown

Stroudsburg: (570) 420-8301 Fax: (570) 420-8304

Harrisburg: (717) 260-6171 Fax: (717) 787-9185 Call our PA State Reps (above) and Senator Lisa Baker today:

Email: Hawley: Phone: 570-226-5960 FAX: 570-226-5964 Harrisburg: Phone: 717-787-7428 FAX: 717-787-924

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