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STOP Congress from un-insuring millions of people; OPPOSE TrumpScare/TrumpDontCare (aka AHCA)

The Congressional Budget Office has released their score on the Trumpcare bill that the House passed. Our Rep Tom Marino voted for this bill without even having read this hurtful and hateful bill. Don't let him off the hook. Use this easy way to call Marino's office: It provides you with a script.

CALL Marino using this link.

Under the TRUMPCARE bill Marino voted for:

  • 23 million more people will not have health insurance. These are the poor and sick that need health insurance the most.

  • 14 million fewer people will qualify for Medicaid after 10 years.

  • Poorer and older Americans who buy their own insurance would lose coverage - premium for a 64-year old earning $27,000 who pays $1,700 under the Affordable Care Act will have to pay $27,000 (his annual income) under Trumpcare.

  • A dysfunctional healthcare market will be created - half of the people who buy their insurance will end up with thinner coverage. Essential services will not be covered such as mental health, addiction treatment, maternity care, rehabilitation services. At the same time, their premiums will go up.

  • Americans with pre-existing or newly acquired medical conditions will be priced out of the market.

  • State funds will not be sufficient to protect sick customers in “high-risk pools.”

  • Healthy customers will be sold fake insurance, because their premiums will be low but it will offer no real coverage.

Meanwhile, our Senator Toomey is busy drafting a Senate version that will be equally bad that the GOP plans to ram through the Senate without a single Democratic vote. Senator Casey has told us that only we the constituents can stop this.

  • The GOP healthcare bill is a tax bill disguised as a healthcare bill. It will be the largest transfer of resources from the poor and middle class to the super rich in American history. People making $300 million dollars per year will get a $7 million tax break. The poor, sick, middle class, and elderly lose Medicaid, important patient protections, quality healthcare (both privately bought and employer bought), and jobs in the healthcare industry.

  • Medicaid will be slashed. In PA over 1 million people receive Medicaid benefits.

  • The GOP claim that preexisting conditions are protected in the McCarthy amendment is a lie.

Specific steps to fight:

  1. Write letters to the local newspapers and to Toomey and tell your personal story how you will be affected.

  2. Call Toomey nonstop and tell your personal story

We need to object as loudly as we can to Senator Toomey. He has expressed support for funding caps to Medicaid which would end Medicaid as an entitlement. Tel: 570-941-3540 Fax: 570-941-3544

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