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Urge PA State Sen. Lisa Baker to vote against several pending bills on PA State Senate

Call our PA State Senator Lisa Baker (

Tel: 570-226-5960

Fax: 570-226-5964

and urge her not to vote for the following bills which are up for 2nd consideration in the State Senate. If they pass, the 3rd and final consideration could happen as soon as Tuesday, May 9. If passed on 3rd consideration, they would then be sent to the House.

SB 9 – PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP FOR RECEIPT OF PUBLIC BENEFITS - to ensure that undocumented immigrants do not receive public benefits like Medicaid, Welfare and Unemployment Compensation. (Note: The bill will only apply to residents 18 and older and exempts seniors who are Medicare eligible as well as disabled Pennsylvanians who are receiving SSI or SSDI. The bill would also allow every person in Pennsylvania access to emergency medical care, necessary immunizations and disaster relief.)

SB 273 – Prohibition of state funds for "Sanctuary Campuses" - prohibits any form of state funding to any public or private institution of higher education that designates itself as a “sanctuary campus”, refuses to share information about undocumented students, or in any way impedes the federal government's ability to enforce federal immigration laws.

SB 300 – Defund Planned Parenthood - this legislation will favor more conventional healthcare providers over unconventional providers when allocating public funds for women’s health.

SB 383 - SCHOOL SAFETY OPTIONS - allow school personnel to have access to firearms in school safety zones if they receive authorization from the school board of directors, are licensed to carry a concealed firearm and have met certain training requirements in the use and handling of firearms. You can address this directly to her representative on Tues, May 9 10 am to noon at the Pike County Administration Building in Milford.

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